Laholmen Restaurant

Enjoy first-class flavours and carefully selected ingredients from one of the best kitchens on the Swedish West Coast.

Welcome to our restaurant and our kitchen
A place filled with passion and authentic flavors. Our team of chefs, with diverse backgrounds, share the common love for well-cooked food. We always strive to use high-quality ingredients and prefer organic and eco-labeled products to reduce our environmental impact. We take pride in making most things from scratch and follow a meticulous cooking process to achieve the result. We believe in offering our guests unique and genuine flavors of homemade food, in a world where much of the food is ready-made and processed.

Our pastry section 
Our amazing desserts have become well known all over the
West Coast. Our pastry department has been built up over the last 10 years, in part thanks to our head chef David Vidal, who is well-known in the culinary world. David is a leader who spreads a great passion for food, joy, and the constant pursuit of perfection to the entire team!

We believe that the food experience is about more than just taste - it's about feeling welcome and at home with us.